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Kolin Durier 

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Guitar Teacher, Kolin Durier

Hi my name is Kolin and I offer friendly, affordable tailor made guitar lessons in Norwich. My guitar lessons are geared towards all ages and cover a variety of musical styles including acoustic, classical, fingerstyle, folk, and electric guitar.

I am qualified to Grade 8 on guitar and fully focused on inspiring a passion for music and improving the techniques of my students during their guitar lessons. I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and have experienced in numerous bands in a variety of styles including classical,rock, rap, indie, pop ,metal and acoustic! A pretty varied mix I know but music has always been my passion!

I help to run workshops designed to inspire 12 to 18 year olds to get into music. I provide weekly guitar lessons to pupils at Wayland Academy.

I am also a musician singer songwriter who performs regularly on the Norwich gig scene 

The common factor for anyone picking up the guitar is the desire to make music and to express themselves. I can help you to build your own "guitar toolkit" to enable you to do this quickly and effectively.

Why come to me ?

"Since having lessons with Kolin I have improved more than I thought possible in a short amount of time and always look forward to my lessons. He's patient and lets me learn at my own pace. I would recommend him to anyone! " - Paul Colbourne

"I really enjoy my lessons with Kolin, his patience and good humour make me feel relaxed , he is a great source of motivation... makes me want to find more time to practise!" - Lou Palmer

"He teaches using music I like and is enthusiastic when I get something right. I'm adding more skills to the "toolkit' in each lesson." - Kyle Nicholls